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Summary. As a leading UK resin flooring contractor, PSC specialises in garage workshop flooring, offering epoxy workshop floor paint solutions tailored to the automotive industry’s diverse sectors. Their high build epoxy resin flooring is ideal for various workshop areas, including MOT bays and body shops, due to its durability, fast installation, and minimal downtime. Additionally, PSC’s epoxy resin can incorporate anti-slip features and demarcation lines in various colours, aligning with safety standards and enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of the workshop floors.


As one of the UK’s leading resin flooring contractors, we are experts in industrial flooring. One of the industries we can support, is the automotive industry. Moreover, garage workshop flooring is just one of many floor paint solutions here at PSC. The auto garage industry can be broken down into different sectors; each with their own flooring requirements. 

Furthermore, no matter what part of the workshop it is, vehicle workshop flooring needs to be hardwearing, durable, and reliable. With this in mind, epoxy garage floor paint is usually the best solution for the job. 

The major benefit of choosing high build epoxy resin for vehicle workshop floors is that they are fast to install. They can also be completed over a weekend period, thus keeping downtime to a minimum. Epoxy is suitable for all aspects of the workshop flooring including:


  • Workshop flooring for garages
  • MOT bay flooring
  • HGV Bays
  • Franchise Garages
  • Body Shops

Garage Workshop Flooring

When looking at the requirements of a garage workshop flooring, epoxy resin is the ideal surface paint. It is totally impervious and hence any grease, oil and fuel will remain on the surface until cleaned up. In addition, if required anti-slip safety flooring can be applied to high traffic pedestrian areas, wash bays, ramps, and valeting bays. 

MOT Bays and Around Inspection Pits

Besides the various equipment needed to perform an MOT, there are VOSA standards which state the minimum space requirements for an MOT bay. The vital VOSA standard safety lining and MOT marking system can be achieved by locally applied demarcation lines.

HGV Bay Flooring

When dealing with larger vehicles such as trailers, trucks and other HGV’s, the floor needs to have certain properties. The floor needs to be durable, hard-wearing, and in some cases anti-slip.

In addition, safety is of the utmost importance with large moving vehicles. For instance, our epoxy resin can be used to create demarcation lines. We can create the demarcation lines in highly visible colours of safety yellow, black, white, blue, green or red. We can also create for chevrons and cross-hatching for bays, walkways, and reversing vehicle bays. 

hgv workshop flooring

Franchise Garages

Franchise garages (Main dealerships such as Hyundai, Peugeot, Mercedes etc) often need their workshop to be in the company colours. A common goal is to carry the clean look they achieve in the showroom, through to the workshop. Therefore, epoxy flooring allows company brand colours to be used on the workshop floor. 

garage flooring

Flooring for Body Shops 

As well as carrying out repairs, vehicle body shops have the additional facility of Spray booths. Spray booths require a clean atmosphere with minimal dust and wipeable surfaces. Epoxy resin flooring is ideal for spray booths. Additionally, you can even choose the design of your body shop floor in colours to suit your corporate ideas.

Industrial Flooring Contractors

Industrial flooring contractors PSC flooring recommends Resdev Pumatect epoxy Resin coating systems for workshop flooring. Designed to meet safety standards, it provides your vehicle workshop with a modern appearance. To find out more about garage workshop flooring, or any of the other industrial floor coatings we have on offer, head to our website today. Alternatively, call 01562 702047 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.  We can arrange a free site survey at your business and advise you on the most effective floor coating for your working environment.

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