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Meat Processing Flooring

meat processing floor

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Meat Processing Flooring

Meat Processing Flooring

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  • Suitable for both wet and dry working environments
  • Can be stean cleaned to kill bacterias
  • No seams or joins
  • Can last well over 10 years

The meat processing industry has crucial health and safety requirements, that need to be met consistently. The meat processing flooring has a unique type of work that takes place on it. Therefore, it needs to have certain properties. Here at PSC Flooring Ltd, we have worked with the meat processing industry for years. As a result, we have the perfect flooring solution for sites.

meat processing floor

Our heavy duty Polyurethane RT and HF screed flooring is regularly installed into meat processing and abattoir facilities. This is due to the fact it is a floor solution which supports the work that takes place on the site. The industrial flooring is regularly immersed in water, blood, fat, animal waste and chemicals. These types of components contain acidic elements. These elements will damage a generic concrete flooring, and eventually weaken the structure until it crumbles. Polyurethane flooring is incredibly chemically resistant. Therefore, work spillages can occur onto the flooring, without the durability of the floor being jeopardised.

These types of spillages will naturally occur often in the meat processing industry. However, unless you have a suitable flooring, safety of your employees can easily become compromised. Our resin flooring boasts anti-slip properties for both wet and dry conditions. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing the risk of employee falls or slips at work is low with Polyurethane flooring. This flooring can also be cleaned by temperatures of up to 120 degrees. As a result, you can be sure to kill off any harmful bacteria in the workplace. Polyurethane gives a seamless resin flooring that is the ideal choice for the meat processing industry. It will offer your site an anticipated life span of up to twenty years.

Meat processing and abattoir facilities require the highest levels of hygiene standards. An unprotected concrete floor will be of no use in meeting these important health and safety standards. Therefore, suitable meat processing flooring is essential.

Meat processing and abattoir floors are very unique and have special requirements. These floors are regularly wet or immersed in water, blood, fat, animal waste or chemicals. Owing to their acidic nature, animal fat and proteins will attack and corrode unprotected concrete. As a result, it will weaken its structure and cause it to break down.

Specific Requirements for Meat Processing and Abattoir Environments

  • Abattoir floors must be anti-slip in both dry and wet conditions
  • Abattoir floors must be hygienic and seamless and not support bacteria and microbial growth
  • Abattoir floors require high compressive strength to withstand heavy loads and abrasion
  • Abattoir floors have to be resistant to animal fats and a range of chemicals
  • Abattoir floors must be capable of being thoroughly de-greased, cleaned and sanitised
  • Abattoir floors must provide a safe, robust working substrate for foot and wheeled traffic

Therefore, polyurethane resin screeds are the chosen product for meat processing flooring and abattoir facilities.


Polyurethane RT and HF resin floors are a must for this industry, owing to their chemical and physical properties.

Polyurethane RT and HF screeds offer the maximum anti slip properties, making them ideal in abattoirs.

Polyurethane RT and HR resin can be steam cleaned up to 120 degrees. This will kill any harmful bacteria, but will not affect the integrity of the resin floor. Therefore, as resin screeds are also seamless, they are very hygienic for abattoirs. Especially, where cleanliness and hygiene levels are very high.

Polyurethane resin is exceptionally hard wearing, with excellent impact and abrasion qualities. It can withstand heavy loads and is completely impervious throughout.

Polyurethane RT and HR resin screeds are categorised by FeFRA as a type 8 floor. This is the highest rating resin floor finish. It is also suitable in use in very heavy duty working environments, with an anticipated life span of well over 10 years.

At PSC Flooring, we pride ourselves on using our expert knowledge to make sure you get the best floor coating for your working environment. We have over 30 years in the flooring industry, and our friendly team is waiting for your call on 01562 702047.



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meat processing flooring

Advantages of installing a polyurethane resin floor in a meat processing and abattoir

  • Seamless abattoir flooring
  • Easily cleanable abattoir floor up to 120 degrees
  • Very hard wearing, withstanding heavy loads
  • Hygienic & seamless
  • Can be laid to falls to help drainage
  • Anti-slip floor in wet and dry working conditions..

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