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We offer a total industrial flooring contractor package: encompassing site survey, specification, surface preparation and product installation. As industrial flooring specialists, PSC Flooring have laid thousands of square metres of commercial flooring systems throughout the UK. Servicing the Pharmaceutical, Food & Drink, Automotive, Engineering, and Warehousing & Electronics Industries. Furthermore, ensuring the highest standards in safety, quality & customer care.

Site Surveys & Specification

In order to provide an accurate quotation, the first step in the process as an industrial flooring specialist is to conduct a full site survey. On-site, as industrial flooring specialists, we will be able to accurately measure the space, answer your questions, and discuss your requirements. This includes decorative designs, brand colors, and specialist floor coatings required. It is important for us, as industrial flooring specialists, to be able to assess the state of the existing flooring substrate first-hand and to confirm the processes required to complete your project on budget.

A site survey, conducted by our industrial flooring specialists, can take place at a time of your convenience in order to minimise downtime. We, as industrial flooring specialists, normally complete it within a couple of hours, depending on the size of the area you wish to cover. After completing the preliminary site survey, we will provide you with full technical specifications. As well as, detailed professional product recommendations and a project estimate by our industrial flooring specialists.

How Much Does Cost To Have A Site Survey?

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Surface Preparation

In all cases of installing a resin floor system, we need to thoroughly prepare the substrate (existing floor surface) for the resin. In most cases of industrial and commercial floors, the substrate is a concrete slab. Regardless of the concrete slab’s age, it is important to completely strip it of any stains, adhesives, varnishes, or paints to form a key for the resin.

If we do not prepare the surface properly, the floor coating will not adhere. Therefore, it will not offer the highest levels of performance. At PSC Flooring, as an industrial flooring contractor, we offer both a shot blasting and diamond grinding preparation service.

Will Grinding Make A Lot Of Dust?

The amount of dust is dependent on how flat the surface is – we use a totally enclosed triple headed diamond grinder to reduce the amount of dust as much as possible.

Crack & Joint Repairs

Resin flooring systems are exceptionally tough and hard wearing. Nonetheless, if cracks and other damage appear, we should address them promptly.

As a leading industrial flooring contractor, we offer a comprehensive crack and joint repair service tailored to suit your needs. In addition, we provide floor inspections and regular servicing.

What Is Used To Fill Cracks And Joints?

Localised damaged concrete, holes and bolt holes can be filled as required using a resin filler.

Resin Flooring Systems

Are you looking for an industrial flooring contractor in the West Midlands? At PSC Flooring we have over 35 years of knowledge and experience of installing all types of commercial and industrial resin flooring. As industrial flooring contractors, we have laid thousands of square metres of resin flooring systems throughout the UK. Therefore, PSC Flooring prides itself on its competitive nature but without sacrificing on quality. Whatever the situation we have a commercial or industrial resin flooring system to suit your needs. This includes, for the Pharmaceutical, Food & Drink, Automotive, Engineering, and Warehousing & Electronics Industries.

With a skilled resin flooring team, we are able to offer Epoxy High build coatings and screeds, Polyurethane coatings and screeds, and Cementitious Pump Screeds. As well as, Anti slip and Anti-static flooring, Damp proof membranes, Hygienic resin flooring and Food grade flooring. Additionally, our contractor services offers bespoke industrial flooring decorative systems and associated coving works.

Will The Floor Need To Be Clear In Order To Put Down The Resin Flooring System?

Immovable objects such as bolted down machinery, racking, etc., can stay in place, and we can install the resin flooring system around them. However, be aware that if you ever move or remove these objects, there will be no resin flooring system in that area.


Keeping the risk of food contamination low in the food industry is tough. We recommend adding a 100mm high coving to food safe screed flooring to create a link between the wall and floor finish. The addition, coving allows the floor material to extend seamlessly up the walls providing a seamless, connection between the floor and the wall/ vertical surface creating “one surface”.

As a result, you eliminate the hard-to-reach areas where bacteria can grow. The seamless cove is easy to clean and maintain. We apply coving to floors with resin and polyurethane seal.

What Advantage Does Coving Give?

The addition of coving allows the floor material to extend seamlessly up the walls. Therefore, leaving dirt, dust, and germs with no place to hide.

Demarcation Lines

Demarcation lines help to keep people separate from vehicles, subsequently reducing the risk of accidents and injury. We place them on the floor as pointers/guides for visitors and staff. Demarcation lines are ideal for separating one larger space into different areas / zones. For instance, indicating pedestrian walkways, different floor levels or areas that are out of bounds/No entry.

Many color options are available, with Safety Yellow being the most popular for defining warning zones and signage in any color that stands out from the base color.

Can Demarcation Lines Be Added At A Later Date?

Yes, demarcation lines can be added at a later date. However it is more cost effective to have them installed at the same time as the floor.

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What Our Customers Says…

“The floor looks significantly better and we can be assured that the floor is up to health and safety standards for years to come. PSC Flooring were extremely easy to deal with and completed the job on time.”

Four Anjels Limited.

What Our Customers Says…

“We operate an open-door policy to our clients and hence the floor covering is not only important for production and health and safety of our staff but also how we present our business. PSC Flooring have done a fantastic job, within the lead-times they promised.”

Paul Reynolds – Managing Director,
Reynolds of Rushock Ltd.

What Our Customers Says…

“Great work – we would be happy to recommend PSC Flooring.”

Burckhardt Compression (UK) Ltd.

What Our Customers Says…

“The new resin floor is amazing and PSC flooring have done an incredible job. The new workshop looks fitting for our modern business and I’m sure all of our customers will love it! After All we want to give great first and lasting impression!”

Daniel Hands – Managing Director,
Three Bridges.

What Our Customers Says…

“I am extremely pleased with the work carried out by PSC Flooring Limited. The floor work has been carried out to a very high standard, with the workers on site being extremely helpful and site being kept tidy. The job was completed in good time and at the expected budget. I would recommend using the PSC Flooring Limited, they are very easy to deal with, reasonably priced and got the job done efficiently to a high standard.”

Antonios Bekiaroudis,
Bekiaroudis Kebabs Ltd.

What Our Customers Says…

“We can always rely on PSC Flooring to do a great job! We could not be happier with the finished area, it is now lighter, brighter, and easier to keep clean. It will be a pleasure to show off the new prototype production area to potential clients.”

Mr Rob Stoker – Production Director,
GKN Wheels Ltd.

What Our Customers Says…

“Completed on time and in Budget, overall a great job by PSC Flooring.”

Drapers Bakery.

What Our Customers Says…

“We are delighted with the gloss self-levelling epoxy resin screed; it looks amazing and is very hard wearing and very practical for us. PSC Flooring were very helpful and provided us with an excellent floor at a very fair price.”

Mr John Wilesmith – Managing Director,
Three Counties Showground.

What Our Customers Says…

“I am overwhelmed with the floor and the excellent service that PSC Flooring had provided.”

James Martin – Manager,

What Our Customers Says…

“PSC Flooring have done a fantastic job, giving us a floor that is now fit for purpose that will last – thank goodness no more twice-yearly floor painting.”

Island Seafood.

What Our Customers Says…

“We are delighted with the look and quality of the new floor. Our HGV’s were back using the space first thing on the Monday morning and our customers have already commented on how much brighter and clean the space is.”

Mr Graham Johnson – M.D.,
Howell Group.

What Our Customers Says…

“We used PSC Flooring Ltd 12 months ago on a large project and I had no hesitation in calling them back in. They offer a professional service at competitive rates and are always very helpful. This project wasn’t easy logistically, as we had to keep production running for JLR but PSC Flooring worked with us to get the resin floor installed at minimum disruption. We are delighted with the new resin floor”

Mr Jonathan Bryant – Production Manager,
Arrk Europe.

What Our Customers Says…

“PSC Flooring have done a great job. As quoted the work took to 2 working weeks and the floor was completed well in time for the racking company to come and rack out the space. This new warehouse will make a tremendous difference to our business and the flooring system installed by PSC will protect our investment.”

Sam Corkish – Projects Director,
Ices Electrical & Maintenance Ltd.

What Our Customers Says…

“In just 4 days PSC Flooring have transformed our warehouse floor. Looks fantastic – happy to recommend.”

Ezi-Dock™ Systems Limited.

What Our Customers Says…

“We are really impressed with the finish of the floor in our new facility. The reflection from the lighting provides a light, bright and clean environment. Also, this is a very hard-wearing floor which is resilient to heavy foot traffic, contributing to a dust free environment, which is really important for the hi-spec production machinery. The floor is also really easy to clean, so will stay looking great for a very long time. Thanks for the brilliant service and would fully recommend PSC Flooring.”

Leon White – Business Development Manager,

What Our Customers Says…

“The floor has completely transformed the building in to a light and bright, clean working space. The investment was definitely worth it. We couldn’t be happier and would highly recommend PSC Flooring.”

Nick Humpish – Managing Director,
Hymix Ltd.

What Our Customers Says…

“We are totally delighted with the new resin floor. It’s completely transformed the new factory and looks amazing. PSC Flooring were very professional, easy to work with and very accommodating.”

Craig Forester – Facilities Manager ,
Expert Tooling.

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