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Elevate Your Flooring with Our Superior Hand Applied Screeds

For businesses seeking unmatched quality and durability in flooring, PSC Flooring introduces a range of Hand Applied Screeds tailored to meet diverse needs. With expertise stemming from our rich experience across sectors, our solutions stand as a testament to quality and precision.
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From the robust 3mm RT Screed to the aesthetic charm of the decorative screed, our hand-applied and hand-laid screeds are designed for resilience, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. Especially curated for industries that require non-slip screeds or thick resin screeds, our products guarantee safety without compromising on style.

Why Choose Our Hand Applied Screeds?

PSC Flooring has cultivated a reputation as a leading polyurethane resin screed provider. Our commitment? Ensuring you receive the finest food grade resin screeds and non-slip resin screeds suitable for high-traffic areas, maintaining safety and aesthetics.

Bespoke Range for Every Need

When it comes to flooring that’s both resilient and custom-tailored to your needs, our polyurethane screeds stand out. Recognised as a leading polyurethane flooring company, we provide hand-applied screeds that are perfect for industrial environments demanding heavy-duty screeds.

Expertise Across Industries

With decades under our belt, PSC Flooring has catered to various sectors, each with its unique needs. Our portfolio boasts a myriad of successful projects, reinforcing our stature as top-notch polyurethane flooring contractors.

Hand Applied Screeds

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets polyurethane screeds apart?
Polyurethane screeds are renowned for their resistance to chemical, thermal, and mechanical stresses. This makes them ideal for environments like food processing industries, where hygiene and durability are paramount.
How are hand-applied screeds different from other types?
Hand-applied screeds offer a customised application, ensuring a snug fit, particularly in irregular spaces or areas with intricate design requirements.
Why opt for food grade resin screeds?
Food grade resin screeds are hygienic, easy to clean, and resistant to common food and drink chemicals, making them a top choice for the food & beverage industry.
Are non-slip screeds suitable for wet environments?
Absolutely. Non-slip screeds provide a safe walking and working surface, especially in areas prone to water or chemical spillage, ensuring minimal accident risks.
How long do hand laid screeds last?
With proper care and depending on the traffic they endure, hand-laid screeds can last for several years, offering excellent value for money.
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