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3mm SL Screed Solutions

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries

The brilliance of 3mm SL Screed, lies in its adaptability. Whether it’s the demanding environment of aerospace and engineering, or the bustling floor of Commercial areas warehouses and factories.
3mm RT Screed Solutions

Benefits Beyond the Surface

What makes our 3mm SL Screed installation services truly outstanding? It’s the combination of durability, aesthetic versatility, and safety. While traditional flooring may wear down, chip, or stain, our 3mm SL Screed remains steadfast.

As a renowned heavy-duty polyurethane screed supplier, we pride ourselves on offering products that aren’t just about durability; it’s about providing industries with a floor that aligns with their ethos and standards. From industrial manufacturing to commercial spaces, this screed has transformed spaces, making them more functional and visually appealing.

Why 3mm SL Screed is the Industrial Choice

In the world of industrial flooring, the 3mm SL screed isn’t just a flooring solution; it’s an emblem of endurance. Engineered for resilience, this heavy-duty polyurethane screed offers the tenacity industries require, coupled with a finish that adds a touch of elegance to any workspace.

Aerospace & Engineering: Precision, durability, and a clean finish are essential. Our screed offers a contaminant-free surface, ideal for precision tasks and heavy machinery.

Commercial Spaces: 3mm SL Screed systems offer an extremely hard wearing, seamless floor finish that is perfect for commercial areas with high footfall such as conference centres, retail spaces, stadiums, and reception areas.

Warehouses & Factories: Here, constant movement and machinery demand a floor that can resist wear and tear, yet remain aesthetically appealing. Our screed stands up to the challenge every single time.

3mm RT Screed Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is 3mm SL screed ideal for heavy-duty industries?
Owing to its thick, resilient nature, this screed can withstand heavy machinery, constant movement, and even chemical spillages, making it ideal for intensive industrial settings.
How long does the 3mm SL screed last?

With proper care and maintenance, our screed can last for years, offering excellent value for money.

Can it be customised in terms of finish and colour?
Yes, our screed offers various finishes and colours, aligning with the visual requirements of different businesses.
What is 3mm SL Screed Flooring?
3mm SL Screed Flooring is a self levelling Epoxy resin floor system. ideal for commercial or industrial locations where a durable, hygienic dust free environment is important e.g. laboratories, hospital clean rooms, electronics assembly plants, showrooms and light industrial plants.
How do you clean 3mm SL Screed Flooring?
3mm SL Screed Flooring in general is easily cleaned using either a mop and bucket for smaller areas or a scrubber-dryer for larger areas with the appropriate chemical.
Ready to Reinvent Your Industrial Floor?
Experience the unmatched resilience and beauty of our 3mm SL screed.

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