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Blending Functionality With Visual Appeal

At PSC Flooring, when we discuss flooring solutions, we understand it can sometimes be all about the strength and durability but sometimes it needs to be aesthetically pleasing too.. We believe in blending aesthetic allure with unparalleled functional strength. That’s why we introduced Decorative Screeds into our portfolio. This industrial flooring solution is a fantastic union of industry-standard flooring with the beauty of captivating visuals.
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Why Should You Consider Decorative Screeds For Your Premises?

  • Adaptable Applications: Decorative screeds can add an aesthetically pleasing look to commercial spaces such as Showrooms, retail spaces, reception areas and event spaces.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Designed keeping the industrial hygiene standards in mind, our screeds are a breeze to clean, making them a favourite among sectors that prioritise cleanliness.
  • Cost-effectiveness: In terms of cost vs longevity, decorative screeds promise significant returns owing to their durability and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Environmental Resilience: Every industry has its unique flooring requirements. Our decorative screeds are adept at handling diverse environments, right from chilly cold storage areas to heated factory units.

Diving Deeper into Decorative Screeds Offerings

Decorative Floor Screed: Perfectly designed for those environments that throw up daily challenges but demand strength with sophistication.

Decorative Epoxy Screeds: Especially designed for places like food production units and breweries. These screeds, resilient against spills, promise performance while maintaining an aesthetic brilliance.

Opting For Decorative Screeds

When you imagine a hardworking industrial floor, the image that typically comes to mind is a solid, durable, yet plain surface. But why settle for ordinary when you can opt for spectacular?

  • The Elegance of Speckled Finish: Our unique method involves embedding coloured aggregate meticulously within the resin mixture. The outcome is a beautifully speckled stone-like finish, which effortlessly brings an essence of natural elegance to industrial environments.
  • Custom-Tailored Beauty: From the deep blue shades mimicking an oceanic bed to the golden and brown hues resembling a desert’s beauty, the choices are endless. Each floor, with its varied pattern and design, promises a unique touch to each setting.
Decorative Screed application

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Decorative Screeds handle regular industrial wear and tear?

Engineered with resilience as the priority, they promise sustained performance. If you are looking for a more decorative finish but need industrial strength then a Decorative Screed could be the option for you. 

Can the aggregate colour schemes be tailored as per our requirements?
Absolutely! We’re all about personalising to cater to your aesthetic needs. Quartz aggregate is available in a number of colours which when combined together formulate the desired colour pallet.
Installation process: Is it a lengthy one?
Our seasoned experts prioritise a seamless and timely installation experience for you.
How long is their lifespan?
With adequate care, these screeds promise to serve you for years. They’re the epitome of longevity.
Why is PSC Flooring the Right Choice?
Over decades, PSC Flooring has become a beacon of innovation in the industry. Our commitment to quality, coupled with our vision of integrating beauty with utility, has always set us apart. Our Decorative Screeds stand as a testament to our dedication.

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