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Redefining Industrial Flooring with Pumped Screeds

In the bustling realms of modern industries such as aerospace engineering, automotive workshops, and dairy factories, the demand for quick, reliable, and efficient flooring solutions is ever-growing. PSC Flooring is at the forefront of addressing this demand with our innovative pumped screed solutions. The sleek, smooth, and durable finish it offers is unparalleled.
PSC's Expert Pumped Screed Solutions

PSC’s Expert Pumped Screed Solutions

Delve deeper into our extensive range:

  • Cementitious Self Levelling Screed: Cementitious Pump Screeds provide a quick, cost-effective solution to renovate deteriorated concrete flooring. Pumped directly onto the floor Cementitious Pump Screeds can be efficiently mixed in larger volumes, ideal for screeding large areas.
  • Pigmented Cementitious Self Levelling Screed: Bring vibrancy and durability to your workspace. In most cases a cementitious pump screed is covered with some sort of industrial flooring such as a high build epoxy coating system, however, there is a pigmented version suitable for use in a wide range of industrial and commercial environments such as schools, showrooms, galleries, hospitals, factories, warehouses etc. subjected to medium to heavy traffic.
  • Renovation Pump Screed: Revitalise and transform. Perfect for any floor where the slab is damaged or degraded. Working with the existing concrete slab rather than removing it which can be extremely costly, the time saving allows vital work to be undertaken and completed in the shortest time possible. This helps to minimise loss of productivity time and disruption. warehouses and factories can be completed and fully functioning without the need to uplift without a complete overhaul the floor.

The Pumped Screed Advantage with PSC

Being in a liquid form, pumped screeds offer quicker application with minimal fuss. Pump Screeds can be laid in varying thickness – Pump screeds can be laid to a thickness of between 6mm to 20mm. They’re self-levelling, ensuring uniformity across large spaces. This feature is especially advantageous for vast spaces like warehouses or aerospace workshops where consistency is key. 

Decades of Mastery and Commitment

PSC Flooring has been a trusted name across numerous sectors. From the intricacies of brewery flooring to the high standards of the engineering domain, our pumped screeds have been the unsung heroes, ensuring operations proceed without a hitch.

Cementitious Pumped Screed

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose pumped screed over traditional options?

Pumped screeds, being more liquid, provide a smoother and quicker application process. Their self-levelling nature guarantees an even finish, vital for spaces like warehouses and storage facilities.

Which industries can benefit the most from pumped screeds?

Pumped screeds are versatile. Their rapid set-up and drying times make them invaluable for industries that can’t afford long downtimes – from food production units to busy automotive factories.

Are there cost benefits to using pumped screeds?
While the initial investment might seem higher, the longevity, reduced labour costs, and decreased downtimes often mean that pumped screeds offer better long-term value.
How does the pumped screed maintain its levelled appearance?
The unique liquid composition of pumped screeds allows them to spread out evenly when poured, ensuring a consistently level surface throughout the applied area.
Can pumped screeds handle heavy industrial machinery?
Absolutely. Once set, our screeds offer robust support, making them ideal for factories housing heavy machinery or warehouses with significant foot traffic.
Your Trusted Partner in Industrial Excellence
At PSC Flooring, we aren’t just providers; we’re partners in your journey towards operational efficiency.
With every layer of screed we apply, we’re laying the foundation for your industry’s future.

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