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Moisture Tolerant Coatings

Elevate Your Industrial Flooring with Resilient Epoxy Solutions

At PSC Flooring, we understand the paramount importance of durability combined with practicality. Our moisture tolerant coatings, are designed to withstand challenging environments, ensuring longevity and operational efficiency across various industries.
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Why Moisture Resistant Flooring Matters

Every industry presents its unique challenges, and dampness is one such adversary. Our moisture resistant flooring solutions are specially formulated to combat dampness, ensuring your floors stand resilient against moisture and associated wear.

Rising moisture can cause issues in the long term with standard resin coating systems resulting in delamination of the resin floor from the concrete slab. Therefore it is always recommended to assess the severity of the issue by performing a damp meter test before applying any resin flooring system.

Moisture-tolerant coatings, also described as damp-tolerant, are ideal for areas that are subject to the possibility of rising damp such as newly laid concrete or bund walls.

A moisture tolerant resin can be applied to concrete and steel, even if the concrete is damp. It cures to form a durable waterproof covering that offers chemical, abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Epoxy Coating: Beyond Just Protection

While our epoxy floor coating offers a stellar line of defence against moisture, it’s not just about protection. It’s about ensuring longevity of the flooring system, bringing practicality into every square foot.

Epoxy Flooring Across Industry Verticals

  • Aerospace & Engineering: Precision and hygiene are pivotal. Our industrial epoxy floor coating ensures a contamination-free environment, making operations smoother and more efficient.
  • Warehouses & Factories: Moisture can be a silent destroyer in these vast spaces. With our waterproof epoxy floor coating, ensure longevity and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Automotive, Garages & Workshops: Fluids and lubricants are part of the daily grind. Our best epoxy floor coating ensures these workspaces remain clean, safe, and operationally efficient.

Partnering with the Experts

Choosing the right epoxy floor coating installers or epoxy floor coating contractors makes all the difference. At PSC Flooring, we pride ourselves on our expertise, quality of work, and commitment to client satisfaction.

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How does Moisture Tolerant epoxy combat dampness effectively?
Moisture Tolerant Epoxy cures to form a durable, waterproof covering that offers chemical, abrasion and corrosion resistance. Helping to prevent rising damp and other moisture contamination problems arising from the concrete substrait.
What makes PSC's floor coatings stand out from other flooring contractors?
We offer a blend of high-quality materials, expert installation, and industry-specific customisation, ensuring optimal results.
Why choose a moisture tolerant coating for warehouses?
It offers superior durability, moisture resistance, and can withstand the wear and tear of heavy machinery and foot traffic.
Future-Proof Your Industrial Space with PSC
Seeking an enduring solution to moisture challenges in your industry?
Let PSC Flooring guide your path to unparalleled flooring resilience.

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