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Renovation Pump Screed

Breathing Life Back into Your Workspace Floors

Renovation Pump Screed is a fibre reinforced base screed. When your flooring begins to show signs of wear and tear, our Renovation Pump Screed solutions can step in, restoring glory and strength and delivering on resilience. Our specialised renovation screed services seamlessly fuse the old with the new, providing a robust and smooth surface that reflects modern industry standards.
Renovation Pump Screed

Benefits of Opting for Renovation Pump Screed

  • Revitalise Older Floors: Renovation screed is designed to breathe life back into dilapidated floors. Breathe new life into ageing, worn-out floors in spaces ranging from bustling factories to high-precision aerospace facilities.
  • Swift Application: Our pumped screed for renovation ensures minimal downtime, quickly restoring operationality to warehouses, workshops, and more.
  • High Durability: With renovation cementitious pump screeds, get a floor that’s ready to endure the rigours of all types of industries.

Creating a Foundation for the Future

Floor renovation with pumped screed isn’t just about patching up the old. It’s about laying the groundwork for future achievements, innovations, and progress. PSC Flooring Ltd doesn’t just restore; we rejuvenate with purpose.


Why choose renovation pump screed over a complete floor replacement?
Renovation screeds provide a cost-effective and efficient way to rejuvenate existing floors without the extensive downtime of total replacements.
How long after application can the renovated floor be used?
Our renovation screed levelling techniques ensure that floors are not out of action for long minimising downtime.
Are these screeds suitable for areas with heavy machinery?
Absolutely. Designed for resilience, they’re ideal for high-traffic zones like factories, garages, and warehouses.
Can these screeds be customised in terms of finish or colour?
Yes the final finish is totally customisable – the renovation Pump Screed restores strength and stability of the slab to enable the floor to enable it to carry on being useful. Please discuss your vision for customisations with our team.
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