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If you are looking for epoxy resin flooring suppliers then look no further than PSC Flooring Ltd. We are experts in workshop flooring. However, before we go into flooring for a workshop it’s important to start with the preparation for your epoxy garage floor.

Preparation is the key

When investing in a new floor surface, preparation is always the key. In most cases, the substrate is concrete/cement. The absolute first step before applying an epoxy coating, is to prepare the substate/ floor. It is essential that you clean the floor thoroughly. If you’re working on a concrete base, fill in any cracks or patch areas that need care before you start to clean. This makes sense if the concrete is old and dirty. However, what if the floor is brand new?

It’s all about the laitance

Laitance (plural laitances) in construction terms is the weak and nondurable, milky layer of cement and fine aggregate that comes to the surface as the concrete is being laid. These materials are moved upward due to movement of moisture (bleeding) through concrete. They are especially present if the concrete has too much mixing water, is overworked/over manipulated, or has been subject to a poor curing regime. The laitance surface is unstable. Therefore it needs to be removed before any coatings are added. New slabs of concrete should be allowed to fully cure for 30-60 days.


Surface preparation

Preparing concrete for epoxy flooring

Both new and old concrete floors need preparing before an epoxy coating. In fact, the floor should be fully prepared, and a primer applied. By preparing the floor, you can ensure that the epoxy coating bonds well to the concrete substrate and remains intact. There are two different methods of surface preparation; diamond grinding and shot blasting. The square area of the floor usually dictates the type of surface preparation needed.

Shot Blasting Vs Diamond Grinding

  • Shot Blasting – This process is usually used on larger areas. It involves rapidly impacting the substrate surface with a controlled stream of abrasive shot material. Unlike sandblasting, which is mainly for the metallic surfaces, shot blasting uses a turbine to get acceleration for the abrasive. The turbine will turn at a very fast rate to allow it to impact harder materials such as concrete. As the abrasive shot hits the substrate it is then collected back up again by the machine and reapplied. Shot blasting is usually the chosen method for larger floors. This is due to time saving and always on newly laid power floated floors. It can remove more of the surface layer, therefore opening up the pores of the concrete and enabling adhesion with the epoxy.


  • Diamond Grinding – The diamond grinding process involves removing a thin layer off the surface of the concrete floor using a specialist machine. A diamond grinding machine has rotavating grinding blades with diamond tips. These are specifically designed to grind down the surface. Pushed along manually and height adjustable, a diamond grinder can remove as much or as little of the substrate surface as needed. For small or intricate areas, a handheld diamond grinder will often be used.


350 square metres of fresh power floated concrete floor

Budgens Renault dealership in Telford approached PSC Flooring Ltd for their new 350 square metre workshop. The newly built extension had a fresh power floated concrete floor. Therefore, preparation to remove the laitance was extremely important. Due to the large floor area and the fact it was power floated, we recommended shot blasting the concrete clean. This was before applying a coat of epoxy resin DPM primer. Shot blasting a floor of this size can be done in 2-3 hours.


Epoxy workshop flooring

After the garage floor epoxy preparation, the primed floor then received two coats of Pumatect high build epoxy resin in the clients chosen light grey. The overall effect as shown in the pictures is light and bright matching the shiny new extension. Manager James Martin, commented that he was overwhelmed with the floor and the excellent service that PSC Flooring had provided.

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With decades of experience under our belts, here at PSC Flooring, as leading industrial flooring contractors we’ll help you determine the ideal process to prepare your surface for new flooring. Whether it’s surface preparation for coating, marking, or a whole new floor installation, you can rest assured we will provide you with the best possible preparation.

To find out more about our epoxy garage floor preparation, head to our website today. Or, call 01562 546080 to speak to one of our helpful and friendly team. If you have found this blog helpful, you may wish to read our previous blog on Non-slip Flooring.

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