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Preparation is key when it comes to successfully installing epoxy floors. Surface cleaning and substrate preparation ensures the resin will remain securely bonded to the concrete substrate. Therefore it is vital to remove any dirt or loose/friable materials as well as any surface contaminants including oil, grease or floor polish residue. It is also important to remove any existing old, de-bonded, loose or flaking floor paint or any other deteriorated resin flooring materials.


The importance of de-bonding before installing epoxy floors

Without the correct preparation before installing epoxy floors, any applied surface can de-bond (de-laminate), lift and crack. In particular surface contaminants such as oil, grease or floor polish residue can sit below the top surface of the existing floor – over time this can cause the top coating to delaminate. Diamond grinding the floor area mechanically cleans the floor, leaving a smoother finish which is perfect for the application of resin sealers and floor coatings – including epoxy floor paint.

We were approached by Joma Jewellery and Katie Loxton’s UK – fashion, lifestyle, accessory,  and jewellery manufacturer to look at their 380 square meter distribution facility in Banbury. When we began assessing the site, it was apparent that the warehouse floor was very dusty and uneven. As highly experienced industrial flooring contractors, we knew that this was an issue that must be addressed before installing the new flooring. We also made sure that repairs to fill all the holes and damaged concrete in the existing floor were made too.  



Preparing for an epoxy floor installation

As part of the preparation, the existing failed floor paint was removed by diamond grinding and then all holes and damaged concrete were repaired with a polyurethane mortar compound. Polyurethane mortar compound is designed specifically to repair floors with a degree of flexibility.


Preparing the floor


This resin-based repair mortar compound is perfect for repairing/patching areas prior to installing a resin floor system. It provides excellent resistance to impact and abrasions – ideal in a high traffic area where forklift truck traffic is regular.


Laying the resin coating

Once prepared, two coats of Resdev pumatect high build epoxy resin coating were laid in a light grey finish, working around the existing warehouse racking to ensure minimal disruption to the client. The light grey colour has not only cleaned up the space but visually it has made it lighter and brighter,  creating a much more pleasant working environment. Completed in just 3 days, the finished resin floor is now easy to clean, helps to reduce the dust and is hard wearing for forklifts – ideal for the high traffic 380 square meter distribution facility warehouse.

Ben Fisher, Operations Manager for Joma Jewellery Ltd and Katie Loxton Ltd remarked “What a difference the new resin floor has made to our working environment. With a high quality product like ours it is important that the brown box carton product packaging coming out of our warehouse is as dust free as possible and this new flooring helps us to keep dust to a minimum.


Epoxy Flooring Installation













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