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Vehicle workshops come in all shapes and sizes, from a two-bay independent garage right the way through to large HGV workshops. In all cases vehicle workshops have the same issues with regards to the floors. For instance, safety is of the upmost importance when dealing with HGV workshops. Additionally, the flooring choice needs to be not only durable and hard-wearing but also easy to clean. That’s where PSC come in, as leading flooring contractors, we offer high quality floor solutions for vehicle and HGV workshops.

High build epoxy resin vehicle workshop flooring is very easy to clean and keep the dirt, dust, and grime to a minimum. Most importantly high build epoxy resin vehicle workshop flooring is impervious. So, any grease, oil and fuel will remain on the surface until they are mopped up.

Do I need Demarcation lines?

In busy vehicle workshops, demarcation lines help to keep people separate from vehicles. This reduces the risk of accidents and injury. As flooring contractors, we have installed flooring solutions to a range of vehicle workshops. Therefore, PSC have seen first hand how demarcation lines have improved the working environment.

Demarcation Lines - industrial flooring contractor

We would always recommend adding demarcation lines as:

  • Areas can be marked ‘Keep Clear’ to ensure fire exits are never blocked.
  • External visitors and staff can be directed from the entrance and through the workplace via clearly marked pathways. So, they avoid dangers such as moving vehicles, machinery, and dangerous chemicals.
  • Zones can be marked out to allocate space, to store vehicles or to be used on aisle ways where vehicles operate.
  • If required VOSA standard safety lining can be created around pits, rolling roads and lifts.

However, demarcation lines are not always suitable. One particular case where demarcation lines weren’t appropriate was a recent job carried out at Severn Valley Railways Bridgnorth station.

HGV Vehicle Workshop Flooring

Unlike the usual HGV vehicle workshops that we are used to, this one had a rails. The 800 square metre Motive Power Department shed was used by a busy team of railway volunteers to carry out steam engine maintenance had a concrete floor that was understandably very dirty with oil and grease contamination.

They were looking for an oil tolerant floor that would accommodate the busy steam engine workshop. Therefore, our recommendation was a specialist vehicle workshop floor, consisting of one coat of Resdev OCS oil tolerant epoxy primer followed by two coats of Resdev Pumatect MT moisture tolerant high build epoxy resin.

Preparation of the Floor Surface

There was a large amount of preparation work needed. There was an extensive build-up of oil, dirt, grease, failed floor paint and oil that had built up over a 30 years period that needed to be removed. Consequently, the entire floor received a heavy shot-blast using a totally enclosed 20D shot-blasting machine. After that, additional diamond grinding was done using the triple headed diamond grinding machine and handheld 110v diamond grinder. Moreover, once vacuumed clean, localised damaged concrete, holes and cracks were repaired using epoxy resin screed and polyurethane mortar.

800 Square Metres of MT (moisture tolerant) High Build Epoxy Resin

Step one of the specialist vehicle workshop floor involved the entire 800 square metre floor being given a coat of Resdev OCS oil tolerant epoxy primer in order to prevent oil from leaching. After that, once the primer was dry two coats of Resdev Pumatect MT moisture tolerant high build epoxy resin in clients chosen red gloss was laid.

The total job was completed in just 5 days, online and on budget.

“The new floor has totally transformed the old maintenance shed and the Severn Valley Railway will be glad they can return back to work on their beloved steam engines from Monday.”

Mr. James Evitts, Construction Director at Walsh Construction

Are you looking for vehicle workshop flooring contractors? PSC have over 30 years experience in the application of epoxy resin and polyurethane resin  flooring. So, will always take a professional, competitive, and independent approach to meeting your flooring needs. Call us now on: 01562 702047 to book a FREE SITE SURVEY.

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