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Whichever side you are sitting on dilapidations negotiations are hard. Most Tenants feel overwhelmed by a Schedule of Dilapidations and have plenty of questions…

What if the premises are in a poor state at the outset?

When is the landlord likely to submit a dilapidations claim?

What is the position on alterations I have made?

Commercially Appropriate 

Having detailed knowledge and experience of the law governing the complex minefield of dilapidations is an advantage.

That is why using experienced Dilapidations Surveyors can save you time and money. This is due to their expertise and knowledge of completing the works in a commercially appropriate way.

Schedule of Dilapidations

As a tenant, you may be able to challenge the landlord’s schedule of dilapidations (list of required repair work). Did you know, for example, whilst there is a legal requirement to reinstate the premises to its original specification, the responsibility can be removed if the Landlord decides to leave the premises in the same condition.

Furthermore, whether you are a tenant in an industrial warehouse; an office building or a retail unit we can help with your dilapidations flooring needs within budget. So, let’s take a look at how PSC Flooring can help with your floor dilapidations:

  • Floor grinding and preparation
  • Floor repairs including bolt holes and joint repairs
  • Epoxy self-smoothing and flow applied epoxy toppings
  • Floor epoxy painting and floor coating works
  • Flexible polyurethane floors 
  • Floor levelling and pump applied screeds

Schedule of Dilapidations |  Flooring Works

A good example of some recent dilapidation works was for a construction company based in Brentwood Essex. This is because they specialise in quality building contracting services including refurbishment and dilapidation works. PSC Flooring was called in by Bilton & Johnson (Building) Co Ltd, to look at refurbishing floor surfaces. This was also part of a dilapidation project they were undertaking at a 525 square metre building in Crawley.

The floor had existing floor tiles and the landlord chose to carry out the refurbishment works on top of the tiled surface.

Furthermore, preparation for the existing tile floor surface started by thoroughly cleaning and preparing the floor using the totally enclosed shot blasting preparation system. All residues, dust and localised repairs were then made before one coat of Resdev Pumaprime DPM epoxy resin priming system was laid.

Schedule of Dilapidations

Stability Is Key


The stability of the floor was renewed by laying a nominal 8mm cementitious heavy-duty pump screed, before the final finish of three coats of Resdev Pumatect high build epoxy resin, in the clients chosen mid grey.

The senior quantity surveyor on the job James Mcaulay commented “Outstanding result, we could not be happier”. The job was completed in just 7 days, completely transforming the dilapidated floor ready to be used again.

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