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Here at PSC Flooring we’ve laid thousands of square metres of quality flooring systems for a wide range of industries so we know exactly what will work for you and your business and can help you in making that decision.

Epoxy flooring is one of the most hardwearing floor coatings available and is great for a whole host of different industries, including anything from warehouses and workshops to bakeries and hospitals. With so many appealing qualities such as its high standard of resistance to chemicals, impact, temperatures, oil spillages and even fire, epoxy floor coverings are the obvious go to flooring system for reliability and durability.

Hard-wearing and resistant

Industrial epoxy flooring in many cases is likely to incur spills, abrasive debris, severe impact and heavy loads from machinery, here at PSC our epoxy flooring provides abrasion resistance, as well as the strength to withstand the impact of dropped objects and other events that could potentially cause damage.

Easy to maintain

Epoxy flooring systems are also incredibly easy to maintain due to their seamless design. The smooth finish means dirt does not gather and stick in grout lines and cleaning is simple and hassle free. Plus, its high resistance to stains, chemicals and spills makes even the messiest of jobs a breeze.

Extremely versatile

Epoxy floors are suitable for a range of different industries making the space extremely adaptable, should you wish to change its application or use the space for multiple purposes. The same cannot be said for many other flooring solutions out there on offer, which makes an epoxy floor an even better investment.

Epoxy floors look good

An epoxy floor coat can come in a variety of standard and one-of-a-kind colours, blends and design combinations making it unique to your business and brand. Not only is it practical but it looks good too!

Here to help

As leading industrial flooring contractors PSC Flooring Ltd is proud to supply epoxy floor coatings alongside many other flooring systems nationwide. With over 30 years in the industry, we’ve developed a wide understanding of floorings and the flooring process, which ensures that the services we offer our customers exceed their expectations.

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Our team of experts are here to help so if you are interested in our epoxy floor systems or have any questions regarding our products then please call 01562 702047. We even offer a free quote. Alternatively, you can visit our website at epoxy floor coatings.

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