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Summary. As a leading supplier of polyurethane screeds, PSC Flooring offers durable, resilient, and versatile industrial flooring solutions. Polyurethane screeds, offering the best chemical resistance and non-slip properties, are ideal for various industries where liquid or corrosive substance spillages are common. Backed by competitive pricing and top-quality service, PSC Flooring is your go-to choice for industrial flooring.


When you need a hard-wearing surface, heavy-duty polyurethane screeds will often fit the bill perfectly. Polyurethane flooring consists of an aggregate-filled core, filled with flint. We usually apply the flooring with a trowel at a thickness of 6mm or more. This effectively makes the surface impervious throughout its structure. This is vital for ensuring that liquid cannot seep through the surface. PSC Flooring is one of the country’s leading industrial flooring contractors. Therefore, as a supplier of polyurethane screeds and epoxy flooring, we can install industrial flooring solutions for a wide range of industries nationwide. 

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Highest Level Of Durability

Polyurethane screeds offer the highest level of durability on the market. The UKs governing body for resin, FeRFA, classifies our polyurethane screeds as Type 8. This grades them as the most robust, hardwearing screeds available. For this reason, the flooring is ideal for applications that require hard-wearing and tough flooring. 

Epoxy Vs Polyurethane Screeds

Compared to epoxy screeds, polyurethane has a relatively low viscosity. As a result, we can apply the flooring using a trowel. This gives a matt finish that has both anti-skid properties and is built to withstand steel-wheeled traffic and substantial impacts. If the flooring is applied at a thickness of 6mm or more, you are also able to steam clean the surface.

The Best Chemical Resistance

Out of all the available resin screeds, polyurethane offers the best chemical resistance. It is also considered non-slip even in wet situations; making it ideal for a number of industrial and engineering applications. Screeds generally last for more than ten years, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications. 

Popular Where Spillages Could Occur

Many different industries opt for polyurethane flooring such as the food, chemical, manufacturing or pharmaceutical industries. Generally, the non-slip flooring is popular where spillages of liquids or corrosive substances could occur. Due to its properties, polyurethane screed will not be affected by chemical spills or become dangerously slippery when wet. This makes it differ from other similar resin screeds. As a result, this is what makes the material so popular in these particular industries and applications.

Competitive Prices And Unbeatable Products

With competitive pricing, unbeatable products and top-quality service, we can offer you industrial flooring no matter what your requirements are. As experienced screed flooring contractors, we can talk you through all of the most suitable options. We’ll use our expert knowledge to determine the best flooring for your site – and at competitive prices too.

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