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With any building or refurbishment project, there are certain things that must be done in a certain order. Therefore, having flexibility is key to get the job done right. For example, on a domestic scale, painting the walls first, before they are plastered, would be a waste of time. Epoxy flooring is one of the lynchpins in the timeline when it comes to construction. Once the floor surface is prepared (shot blasted or diamond grinded) it cannot be walked on. Or, it will be re-contaminated. Likewise, as the epoxy resin has started to be put down, any dust or debris created by any other activity in the same vicinity will ruin the finish of the floor. For instance, drilling walls or ceilings, sweeping, moving through doorways etc. Therefore, it is paramount that the flooring is scheduled for the correct time of the building/refurbishment timeline.

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Flexibility Is A Key Priority


As an industrial flooring contractor, one of the key priorities from the client’s point of view is flexibility. What this means having the ability to juggle dates and work around other things going on onsite. Furthermore, even with all the best intentions building/ refurbishment can be delayed. For example, materials may not be available or there may be unforeseen issues. So, when you are one of the later on-site trades, you must be prepared to accommodate a changeable schedule.

Benniman Construction Ltd – Engineering and Manufacturing Flooring


A Long-time client: Benniman Construction Ltd, called PSC Flooring. They needed a new epoxy resin flooring system installed into a new warehouse/production plant. Furthermore, the building was a 3,700 square metre facility. It was used for a world-leading manufacturer of filtration products, Barton Firtop. This building was on their newly acquired 3.6 acres site on Silverwoods Way, Kidderminster.

Firstly, the new 3000 square metres concrete slab required shot blasting as part of the preparation. The whole area was given a light shot blast. This was done using a totally enclosed ride, on shot blasting machine. In addition, all the edges were prepared, using a hand-held diamond grinder. Furthermore, in order to remove all residues and dust, the area was then vacuumed clean. Then, to prevent moisture from rising from the newly laid concrete slab, two coats of Resdev Pumaprime DPM epoxy primer were installed. As per the clients’ requirements, the 3000 square metre area was then divided into sections. Two coats of Resdev Pumatect high build epoxy resin were applied in the clients chosen colours scheme: light grey and safety red.

‘Flexible and Accommodating’

It was completed in just 10 days straight. Furthermore, this met the timescale set by the client for the entire job. Therefore, despite issues with access (we were not able to get on-site for half a day), the PSC Team finished the job on time. In addition, it was on spec and on budget and we worked around the other skilled trades on site. Our flexibility was key in order to achieve these results. Also, Matthew Chalkley the Procurement Manager of Benniman Construction Ltd commented “PSC were extremely accommodating to fit in with our tight schedule, the Barton Firtop project has included a multitude of skilled trades and PSC being able to be flexible and accommodating to the tight changeable schedule.”

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