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All the Tools for the Job

Having the correct tools for the job is essential along with the skills and knowledge of the application. At PSC Flooring (Engineering and Manufacturing Flooring experts) we sometimes get enquiries from clients who have been quoted a job, but the finish they received was not up to scratch. Understanding the properties of an industrial floor is important. Even if the resin is correctly chosen, if it is applied incorrectly or without adequate preparation, it can be a waste of time, money, and effort.

Preparation of the substrate floor is essential to the final finish. If the substrate is not prepared correctly it can delaminate, crack and/or lift.

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Shot Blasting & Dimond Grinding

Shot blasting and diamond grinding remove the top layer of the substrate and provide a key for adhesion. Both methods are specifically designed to grind down the surface and give it a key. Shot Blasting involves rapidly impacting the substrate surface with a controlled stream of abrasive shot material. Whereas the diamond grinding process involves removing a thin layer of the surface using rotating grinding blades with diamond tips.

Damp Proof Membrane (DPM)

Damp Proof Membrane knew as epoxy resin primer prevents moisture from coming into contact with the flooring system. If water/moisture does come in contact, then the full bond strength may not be achieved. This in turn could result in blistering, partial delamination, or complete failure of the full resin system.

Engineering and Manufacturing Flooring

PSC was called back by long term client Bilton & Johnson Building Co Ltd to look at 2400 square metres of dirty concrete in a former warehouse in Sheffield.

The building being purchased by an engineering company, Bilton & Johnson was managing the building renovation. Bilton & Johnson’s client wanted a cost-effective, hard-wearing floor, that would be high gloss, easy to clean and appealing.

engineering and manufacturing flooring

Upon inspection, the concrete floor of the former warehouse was dirty, with localised damaged concrete, cracks, and holes. There was an existing anti-slip, textured resin walkway that would need to be removed and circa 60 linear meters of expansion joints to be filled.

To prepare for the two coat High Build epoxy resin flooring system, the concrete floor surface area (2400 square metres) was given a light shot-blast by the captive ride-on shot blasting machine. The localised repairs were then made using resin filler and epoxy mortar compound. As well as repairs to expansion joints using polyurethane jointing compound.

engineering and manufacturing flooring

Two coats of Resdev Pumatect high build epoxy resin were then laid in light grey.

Started on a Monday and completed in 5 days, ready for the client to move in on the following Monday.

Bilton & Johnson commented “PSC Flooring could not have been more accommodating to fit in with our client’s tight schedule. The dirty concrete of the former warehouse floor is completely transformed.”

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engineering and manufacturing flooring

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