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Despite the digital age, the printing industry is still growing, adapting, and strengthening its presence in the market. Constantly investing in the latest machinery and technology to ensure they deliver an efficient, fast, and high-quality service. As with production facilities everywhere, it is imperative that all areas within a printing facility are safe and functional. Especially as health and safety is challenged further within the print industry due to the chemicals involved in the printing process.

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Chemicals – A cause for concern?

The printing industry is hard on its floors as it uses various chemicals in its inks and production process. As a result of prolonged exposure to these chemicals, the floor can be damaged. Leading to the formation of peeling or cracks. High Build Epoxy resin is designed to be impervious to a variety of chemicals, natural fats, lubricants and fuel. Hence the normal choice of floor for this sector is a two-coat high build epoxy resin-based system. However, where the inks are very corrosive, we may recommend a one coat high build system. This is with an additional two coat resin topcoat to give full chemical protection.  

epoxy resin flooring

Marked to aid production facilities and flow

As with any facility, the layout of a printing workshop must ensure the smooth flow of the production process. From artwork preparation and plate making to the Flexographic printing presses and post-printing functions. What’s more, it is imperative with large machinery and the movement of raw materials and finished stock that the areas are clearly marked out and the floor is slip-resistant.

warehouse resin floors


Local print company, Aztec Label Limited, have a 19,000 square foot facility located in the heart of the West Midlands. Here, they manufacture a wide range of self-adhesive labels and tags in a variety of colours, sizes, and quantities. The printing inks and cleaning products that they use in the process of printing can stain and degrade the production area floor. Therefore, Aztec were keen to ensure the production floor, where their flexographic printing presses takes place is hardwearing and easy to clean.

The initial refurbishment of their 19,000 square foot facility took place in May 2015. PSC Flooring installing a two-coat epoxy resin flooring system, to the 1080 square meters production area. The entire area was prepared by removing adhesive and latex. Then cleaning and abrading the existing concrete floor surface using the diamond grinding floor surface preparation system. Any damaged concrete was then repaired using epoxy mortar compound and expansion joints with epoxy resin and epoxy mortar. Before two coats of high build, chemical resistant epoxy resin flooring system was applied to the 1080 square meters, in the clients chosen mid-grey. 

warehouse flooring

Production facilities 5 years on

Visiting recently to quote for an additional 336 square meter area in the new proposed warehouse, it was great to see that the project we took on over 5 years ago, is still looking great. Mr Colin Legresley, Director of Aztec Label Ltd stated “We couldn’t be happier with the floor, even after 5 years it still looks great, hence why we are calling on PSC Flooring for our warehouse project.

PSC Flooring

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