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The benefits of epoxy floor paint go beyond its hard wearing finish. Here at PSC Flooring Ltd, our resin flooring solutions can be tailored to accommodate a wide range of industrial sites. With an extensive list of advantages, you can be sure that epoxy flooring will enhance the safety and aesthetics of your production space.

Epoxy Floor Paint

Epoxy floor paint is one of the most popular flooring systems used for industrial workspaces. The system is able to meet many different requirements, from improving the aesthetics to enhancing the safety of a work area. So, what are the benefits of epoxy flooring?


  • Any open plan space whether it be domestic or commercial can become chaotic without zoning. Therefore, clearly defining areas for different functions, allows for focus and break down the mass of space.  
  • By ensuring each area is sectioned off appropriately, you can help to organise productivity within the workspace.


  • Adding in warning lines to a design ensures health and safety requirement is met and the space is a safer place to work. So, using colour coding to highlight dangers in the workplace is one of the best ways to help decrease the risk of accidents at work.
  • Dangerous pitfalls such as changes in height or moving traffic areas can be highlighted without the need for additional signage.

Light And Space

  • By choosing colours that reflect the light you can make the most of an area.
  • Lighter industrial floor paint colours can be used to enlarge a space – making the space feel larger.


  • With a variety of topcoat finishes available it is easy to add in an anti-slip coating to wet areas.
  • With plenty of colours to choose from, epoxy resin flooring can be matched to your company’s colour schemes too. Additionally, making sure the area still looks uniform and professional.

Colour Coded Flooring For Factories

When a client in Coventry approached us with a large-scale production space, resin colour coding played a large part in our recommendations.

Having grown out of their old factory and needing bigger production facilities, Transtherm of Coventry embarked on acquiring 1800 square metres of new factory space. They wanted a high gloss finish, that was high wearing and easy to clean. Therefore, an epoxy resin floor system was the obvious choice.

When looking at the job, PSC Flooring suggested that using a variety of colours could help them to Zone the 1800 square meter space. This type of solution would also add in the Health and Safety required demarcation.

Taking on the challenge, we shotblasted the whole area and infilled the holes from the previous warehouse racking system. We used two coats of Resdev Pumatect high build epoxy resin flooring system in a mid-grey for the racking area. Additionally, for the production area, we used the resin in a light grey to achieve the required zoning. The addition of safety red to the HGV loading bay and a Chelsea blue pedestrian walkway with white lining achieved the required demarcation.

In total the work took just 6 working days and the very happy client commented: “We now have a floor we can show off to their customers.”

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