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Concrete floors over time can become unstable and the only option may seem to dig it up and start again. However, all is not lost as there is a product out there called a Cementitious screed system. These are used to renovate flooring which is either damaged or has deteriorated over time. That is where cementitious screed floor contractors like PSC come in.

On the Bounce

Cementitious Pump Screeds systems have a number of advantages. The first being of course that you don’t have to dig up the existing concrete floor and dispose of the old concrete, which can be time consuming and costly.

Quick and Economical

Cementitious Pump Screeds can provide a fast, self-smoothing compound of cementitious flooring that hardens rapidly. Cementitious systems are fast-drying. Therefore, it has the ability to allow foot traffic onto the project within a few hours and be ready to receive vehicle traffic within 24 hours.

Minimum Disruption

Disruption, whatever business you are in can be costly. By using a heavy-duty pumping solution, it allows minimal loss of productivity time and disruption. Consequently, vital work can be undertaken and completed in the shortest time possible.

Up to 1500m2 of Cementitious Screed can be installed within one day. Even in harsh environments, such as warehousing or engineering plants, a cementitious screed is ideal to use. Inconvenient refurbishment work is completed as quickly as possible, reducing disruption to staff and production lines.

As good as new – if not better than new!!

Cementitious Pump Screed systems are not only quick, but they are tough. Formulated from a mix of cement, binders, water, and sand which increases the performance of the screed. Cementitious Pump Screeds are self-compacting and free flowing. Therefore, they get into every nook and cranny to ensure a sound finished surface.


Durant Cricket Ltd – Commercial Flooring

PSC Flooring, leading floor contractors based in Worcestershire, have recently completed a 320 square metre Renovation base cementitious screed at South Northumberland Cricket Club in Gosforth.

Due to a new sports floor being laid by Durant Cricket Ltd, it was recognised that the floor in question needed infilling before the new sports floor could be laid.

Client brief & Recommendations

Requiring a smooth, hard-wearing base floor for the new sports floor laid upon, it was recommended that a Renovation base cementitious screed be used.


320 square metres nominal 12mm base screed

In preparation for the nominal 12mm base screed, all existing adhesive that was all over the floor had to be removed using a diamond grinding machine. An epoxy resin primer was laid with full blind of quartz aggregate, ensuring a strong mechanical bond. After that, the 6.5 tonnes (250 bags) of DCP Renovation base cementitious screed were machine pumped onto the newly primed surface, to give a new hard-wearing floor. Taking just 3 hours to pump the screed was walk-on dry within 4 hours, ready for the new sports floor to be laid.

“Thank you to the team at PSC Flooring for carrying out repairs to South Northumberland Cricket Club indoor cricket centre. The floor is now hard-wearing as requested ready for us to lay the new sports floor.”

Durant Cricket Ltd.

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