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The food industry is subject to stringent Health and Hygiene regulations. As well as regulations around storage, chilling and cooking of food, the cleaning of the food preparation and storage areas is extremely important.

It is recommended to employ a ‘two-stage’ cleaning process where the initial clean removes traces of food debris, and the second clean deeply sanitises each area. Commercial kitchens are required to be professionally cleaned once every 6 months by law, but one-off deep cleans can be scheduled at any time.

laying polyurethane resin

Hygienic Flooring

When approached by a fish processing facility in East London to look at their flooring requirements, as a food manufacturing plant the flooring chosen for the area needs to be:

  • A Hygienic seamless surface
  • That does not support microbial growth
  • Hard wearing and robust
  • Can withstand chemical spillages


The 200 square meter area had an existing concrete floor which required diamond grinding before the application of a 6mm heavy duty HF resin screed in Chelsea Blue. Once fully vacuumed clean of all debris a coat of epoxy primer was laid before the resin screed.

Chelsea Blue Pumadur HF

The chosen Chelsea Blue Pumadur HF is a water-dispersed heavy duty polyurethane floor screed with a lightly textured surface and matt finish, developed for use on concrete and polymer modified cementitious screeds. Applied by hand with a towel, this material is used extensively in both wet and dry processing areas across the food industry, including floors subject to heavy duty traffic, plant vehicle areas, as well as cold storage and freezer flooring. The beauty of this product is the fact it combines high levels of durability, impact, abrasion and chemical resistance with a slip resistant finish.


Completed with a matching 100mm high coving the overall look was complete. The total project took 4 working days to complete, was on time and on budget. The client was extremely pleased with the seamless and easy to clean hard wearing floor. Providing the food factory with a very hard wearing floor, that is seamless and easy to clean – the perfect floor for the food industry.

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