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Summary. As a leading polyurethane flooring company, we specialise in MD polyurethane floor topping, known for its durability and resistance to a myriad of chemicals. Its smooth, matte finish makes it an excellent choice across industries including food, beverage, and engineering. One of our recent projects involved installing this flooring for EWH Moore Partnership, demonstrating its robustness and aesthetic appeal.


What is an MD polyurethane screed?

MD polyurethane screed is a heavy duty, flow applied polyurethane floor topping. MD polyurethane screed is for use on concrete and polymer modified cementitious screeds. Designed to be durable, as well as impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance. MD is available in a range of colours.

polyurethane floor topping

Why Choose MD polyurethane screed?

In comparison to an RT Screed, MD polyurethane screed has a smooth, matt finish. Therefore, making it easy to clean, and ideal for many environments, such as: the food, beverage, engineering, and chemical industries. As a leading industrial polyurethane flooring company in the UK, we offer a free site survey to give the best flooring recommendations.

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Chemical Resistance

MD polyurethane screed is resistant to a wide range of commonly used chemicals in the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. For instance, concentrated citric acid (fruits), spirit vinegar (50% acetic acid), lactic acid (food & dairy products) and common alcohols (methanol & ethanol). Moreover, MD polyurethane screed is also resistant to a wide range of inorganic acids, fuels, hydraulic oils, mineral oils and solvents. Good housekeeping practices should be employed.

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MD Polyurethane Flooring For Egg Producing Company

PSC Flooring have recently completed 150 square meters of 4mm MD polyurethane screed, smooth matt, for EWH Moore Partnership. They are a major egg producing company production area in Crewe, Cheshire. During the site visit, we observed the existing resin floor, having been in place for several years, showing signs of severe wear and damage in certain areas. Consequently, PSC recommended a 4mm MD polyurethane screed as the client was looking for a smooth, Matt finish that was hard wearing.

In Preparation

We prepared the area for the new polyurethane screed by grinding back the existing resin floor using a captive diamond grinding machine. We also made saw cuts to the perimeter, allowing the new screed to be laid up to the rest of the floor. Next, we vacuumed the floor to remove any dust and residue from the surface, made localised repairs, and then applied a coat of polyurethane primer.

150 Square Meters of 4mm MD Polyurethane Screed

Furthermore, the 4mm polyurethane screed was laid in a day to complete the project within the tight two-day window. Hence, ensuring the polyurethane floor topping was ready for the client’s health and safety audit.

“The team at PSC flooring have worked exceptionally hard to ensure the new floor was laid without our time frame. The new floor looks great, and we are pleased that it came in within budget and on time.”

Mrs Elizabeth Sumner of EWH Moore Partnership

polyurethane floor topping

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