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As a food grade flooring expert, PSC is constantly getting asked for recommendations as to the best product for food production areas. The normal choice of floor for this sector, is a heavy-duty polyurethane RT or HF resin screed. In addition, they are usually either 6mm or 9mm thick.

Advantages Of Installing A Polyurethane Resin Floor Are:

  • Hygienic seamless surface
  • Does not support microbial growth
  • Hard wearing and robust
  • Can withstand chemical spillages
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Inbuilt anti-slip properties
  • Can be laid to falls to help drainage

Food grade resin flooring is as its name states designed for areas where food is present. For instance, kitchens and food prep / production areas.

Furthermore, the most obvious reason is due to the fact that hygienic resin flooring is considerably easier to clean than other such surfaces. It is poured to fit the space perfectly, resulting in a smooth yet durable coating. As a result, resin creates a long-lasting surface which can be sprayed, washed and disinfected with the greatest of ease. It can also endure regular cleaning activities which would quickly erode or diminish the effectiveness of other surface coatings.

When Repeatedly Painting The Floor With Floor Paint Just Isn’t Working…

Traditional flooring materials often contain small cracks, seams or joining spaces. These spaces can collect dust, dirt, grime and all manner of materials over time. Therefore, this can obviously create an unhygienic atmosphere and potential health and safety hazards. This, as a result, can be difficult to address and solve due to the nature of such cracks.

Hygienic resin flooring has the enormous advantage of being seamless, leaving dirt no place to hide.

food grade polyurethane resin floor - psc

Food Grade Flooring Is Just The Job

PSC were called in to look at The Oxford Bakery and Café Ltd, in Botley, Oxfordshire’s. It was recommended that we install a nominal 6mm heavy duty Resdev Pumadur RT polyurethane screed to the full 206 square metres of the bakery floor area. It would provide the Hardwearing, easy to clean floor that they needed.

Preparing The Floor To Apply The Polyurethane Resin Screed

Multiple layers of failed floor paint were removed. The floor surface was thoroughly cleaned using a captive double headed diamond grinding floor preparation system. Additionally, a handheld total enclosed 110v diamond grinding machine was used for the edge work.

After vacuuming clean all dust and residue, 10mm x 6mm saw cuts were added to the perimeter of floor area. As well as, door thresholds, around drains and gullies and where necessary to toe in and anchor screed.


polyurethane resin floor


A coat of polyurethane resin priming system with heavy scatter of 0.7 to 1.2mm quartz aggregate was applied to prevent rising moisture and nominal 6mm heavy duty Resedv Pumadur RT polyurethane, textured, matt, in the clients chosen mid grey colour.

This food grade flooring job was completed in just 4 days over the Christmas shutdown period.

Michal Sukiennik, Director at The Oxford Bakery & Café Ltd seamed extremely pleased with the work carried out.

“PSC have completely transformed the bakery area floor. It is now so easy to use and keep clean. This industry is messy at the best of times so being able to clean down the floor easily is highly important to us.”

Michal Sukiennik, Director

As leading industrial flooring contractors, we can install hygienic flooring onto your premises easily and efficiently. Contact us today for more information on how we can help. If you enjoyed reading this blog, why not take a look at a previous one: Falling In The Right Direction: Diary And Cheese Sloped Flooring 

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