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The food industry has strict guidelines with regards to health and hygiene and that in its self bring a whole raft of issues when it comes to flooring. The usually high traffic areas must be not only clean but also cleanable so hence resistant to chemical wear.
When creating a food hygienic floor, that is hard wearing, seamless, easy to clean and gives some anti slip resistance in the wet PSC Flooring will always recommend a Polyurethane Screed.


Polyurethane Floor Experts

Polyurethane Screeds offer the highest level of durability. Classified by FeRFA, the UK resin’s governing body as Type 8, meaning they are the most robust, hard wearing, screeds on the market and hence ideal for the food industry.

The chemical resistance comes from the fact they are non-porous and hence they offer the best chemical resistance of all the resins and even in wet process areas their surface profile aids slip resistance.

Widely favoured

Being widely used across food industry especially in Food processing plants, bakeries, abattoirs, breweries and dairies Polyurethane Screeds can offer a life span of 10 years plus even when subjected to constant cleaning with disinfectants.

For this very same reason Polyurethane Screeds are often favoured in the pharmaceutical, chemical and other manufacturing sectors where spillages of corrosive or organic liquids occur. Even in these extreme conditions the life expectancy of a Polyurethane Screeded floor is 10 years.

Highly recommended

When asked to quote on flooring for a food manufacturer in Ledbury, PSC Flooring Ltd recommend a 6mm heavy duty, polyurethane coating was used when refurbishing the old factory floor. Completed in just a week, the client was delighted with their new. Their expanding food ingredient business got the food hygienic floor, that was hard wearing, seamless, easy to clean and gave some anti slip resistance in the wet that they needed – completed on time and in budget.

Chemical Resistance Polyurethane Flooring


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