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Epoxy resin SL screed is a hard-wearing floor screed which provide a number of unique properties, such being high gloss, visually pleasing, easy to clean and hygenic screed that has excellent chemical resistance. They are generally wipe-clean, far harder wearing than other floor coatings and can be customised by including patterns or adding coloured flakes or aggregates to the mix.

Decorative finishes are ideal in factories and other environments, such as shops and restaurants, with something as intricate as a company logo being incorporated into the design.

In fact, the long-term durability of an epoxy resin screed is what attracts most customers to the product, with PSC Flooring being one of the leading suppliers of epoxy resin screeds due to our commitment to excellent in both quality and service.

Available in a wide range of colours

Available in a wide range of colours epoxy resin self-smoothing flooring is ideal for industrial locations where a hygienic and dust free durable environment is important e.g. hospital clean rooms, laboratories, electronics assembly plants, showrooms and light industrial plants.

Greater degree of wear and tear

Epoxy resin floor self smoothing toppings are applied at a thickness of 2-3mm, and are capable of withstanding a far greater degree of wear and tear than a high build epoxy resin floor coating. When applied at a thickness of 4-6mm they are then deemed to be suitable for very heavy duty environments.

Categorised by FeRFA as Type 5, Epoxy SL screeds are (2-3mm thick) and FeRFA recommends them for frequent forklift traffic, regular foot traffic, and occasional hard plastic wheeled trolleys. The BS indicates in Medium to Light duty working environments a typical life expectancy of 6-10 years for this type of floor topping is given.

Epoxy Resin SL Screed Case study

A large printing firm in Gravesend recently had PSC Flooring lay 450 square metres of 3mm epoxy resin SL screed to their main manufacturing area. The client wanted a hard wearing, high gloss, attractive floor that would withstand their tough environment.

The 3mm epoxy resin SL screed was proposed as it’s very hard wearing, lasting up to ten years or more in a medium-duty environment. The contract was carried out within four days, with the old floor paint being removed via the diamond grinding machine and then two coats of primer were laid before the installation of the resin screed.

The client was delighted with the finish in light blue, which gave them an attractive, easy to clean, hard wearing floor. They are now looking to get the rest of the factory floors completed in the 3mm epoxy resin SL screed.


Epoxy resin screeds are ideal for a number of applications. You might just be surprised at how versatile and useful they can be. For more information on epoxy resin screeds, or to find out more about our other products and services and how we could help you, please give us a call today. As leading industrial flooring contractors, our team are ready and waiting to help answer any questions you might have. Read more about Epoxy Resin Screeds

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