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Epoxy resin flooring requires careful attention to temperature during installation to ensure proper curing. Understanding how temperature affects the curing process is crucial for achieving a durable and high-quality finish. At PSC Flooring, we specialise in creating optimal conditions for epoxy resin applications, ensuring our clients receive the best results.

How Long Does Epoxy Resin Floor Take to Dry?

The drying time of epoxy resin flooring depends significantly on the temperature. Epoxy cures faster when the air temperature is warmer. Conversely, if the room temperature is too cold, the resin will take much longer to cure. For most resin mixtures, which include a resin component and a hardener/activator, the optimal curing occurs at temperatures above 10 degrees centigrade. During the winter months, it is essential to provide an additional heat source to achieve this temperature and ensure the epoxy resin reaches its maximum hardness.

Does Epoxy Dry Better in Heat or Cold?

Epoxy resin cures more effectively in warmer temperatures. When laying epoxy resin, maintaining a temperature above 10 degrees centigrade is critical. If the environment is too cold, the curing process will slow down, potentially compromising the resin’s final hardness and durability. Clients must ensure that the installation area is adequately heated, especially during colder months, to facilitate optimal curing conditions.

Epoxy Resin – What Is Inter-Coat Adhesion?

Inter-coat adhesion refers to the bonding of layers to each other and the substrate. Achieving strong inter-coat adhesion is vital for preventing delamination and ensuring the longevity of the flooring system. Multiple factors influence this adhesion, including layer compatibility, temperature, humidity, surface preparation, and application method.

The first coat of resin or damp-proof membrane (DPM) must be applied to a substrate that has undergone adequate surface preparation. This preparation can involve shot blasting or diamond grinding to remove dirt and open up the surface, making it ready to receive the resin. Additional coats or topcoats need to be applied within 24 hours to bond properly with the first coat and form a unified, robust surface.

Case Study: Engineering and Manufacturing Flooring for Beakbane Ltd

PSC Flooring recently completed a flooring project for Beakbane Ltd, a leading manufacturer and distributor of machinery protection systems based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire. The project involved coating a 576-square-meter concrete floor previously used for metal pressing. The floor had no prior coating system except for worn demarcation lines, which we removed.

A moisture meter reading showed that the moisture content in the existing concrete slab was above normal levels. Therefore, we recommended applying a DPM epoxy primer before installing the new flooring system.

how long does epoxy resin floor take to dry

Prepping the Floor

Thorough cleaning is essential when preparing a floor that has been used for metal pressing. We removed any failed floor paint and cleaned the existing concrete surfaces using a medium shot-blast with an enclosed shot blasting machine. We also ground back the edges with an enclosed handheld 110v diamond grinder and vacuumed the area clean. After cleaning, we repaired localized damaged concrete, holes, joints, and cracks using an epoxy mortar compound and epoxy resin screed.

how long does epoxy resin floor take to dry

Installing the Epoxy Resin Flooring System

We applied a DPM epoxy primer to prevent rising damp from the concrete substrate. Then, we laid two coats of Resdev Pumatect high-build epoxy resin flooring system in the client’s chosen color, light grey. We allowed the first coat to cure for approximately 18 hours to ensure it was dry before applying the second/top coat, ensuring good inter-coat adhesion.

The project was completed in just four days, on time and within budget. The two-coat Resdev Pumatect high-build epoxy resin flooring system met the client’s brief for a hard-wearing yet easy-to-clean floor.

Mr. Bob Haycock, Operations Manager for Beakbane Ltd said:

“We are so pleased to get this project completed – the floor looks fantastic. With significant initial investment in the building, we believe continued investment by installing the correct type of floor is money well spent.”

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