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Summary. In epoxy resin flooring projects, challenges can arise from the presence of silicone, requiring the use of an oil-tolerant epoxy resin flooring primer to ensure effective adhesion. This blog showcases a successful 172 square meter flooring project by PSC Flooring, demonstrating efficient preparation and application techniques.


Silicone and epoxy resin don’t always get along. Silicone can work with you when you want to create a 3D object. For instance, pouring resin into a mould made from silicone works in your favour as silicone repels the resin and does not adhere to it. You can reuse silicone moulds again and again with great success.

On the other hand, when laying an epoxy resin floor if silicone is present, it can compromise the job because the epoxy resin will not stick to the silicone. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the correct primer is used on the floor.

How to deal with Silicone when looking to lay Epoxy Resin Flooring.

An oil tolerant epoxy resin flooring primer can help to neutralise the silicone. Resdev Pumaprime OCS is a two–component epoxy resin membrane that is tolerant of residual oil contamination in concrete floors.

Pumaprime OCS improves the adhesion of coatings and screed systems to substrates that previous oil contamination and thorough cleaning have left with some residual contamination.

172 Square Metres Epoxy Resin Coating System

Advanced Coated Products Ltd is a supplier of specialised coated films in Cheltenham. PSC Flooring have recently completed 172 square metres Epoxy resin coating system for this client. The print machine area floor was previously resin coated over 10 years ago and was very worn and tired.

In Preparation

We ground back the main floor area using a triple-headed diamond grinding machine. Additionally, we used a handheld diamond grinder to finish the edges, removing failed floor coatings and thoroughly cleaning and preparing the existing resin floor surface. After vacuuming, we repaired localised damage to concrete, holes, and cracks using epoxy resin filler.

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Applying the Resin Flooring System & Neutralising the Silicone Affected Area

We applied Resdev OCS, an oil tolerant epoxy resin flooring primer, across 40 square metres to neutralise the silicone-affected area. To create a 46 square metre walkway, we divided the main area using masking tape.

We applied two coats of the client’s chosen Resdev Pumatect high build epoxy resin flooring system, Light Grey Ral 7035, across 126 square metres, and the 46 square metre walkway receiving two coats of the same in Red (Ral 3009). We then marked out 75mm wide edging lines and coated them with Resdev Pumatect V high build epoxy resin in safety yellow along 58 linear metres.

The job was completed in just 4 days on time and on budget. Adrian Daunter of Advanced Coated Products Ltd commented: “The floor of the print machine area is completely transformed.”


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