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A bakery environment must be exceptionally clean and hygienic, so the correct bakery floor is vital. Hygiene, safety, and longevity are amongst the most important factors when selecting any new bakery flooring surface. Here at PSC Flooring, we can install bakery flooring that won’t let you down. 


Choosing the right floor

Owing to their chemical and physical properties, Polyurethane RT and HF resin floors are a must for the bakery industry. Resin screed flooring offer a wide range of benefits: 

  • Seamless bakery flooring
  • Easily cleanable bakery floor up to 120 degrees
  • Very hard wearing, withstanding heavy loads
  • Hygienic & seamless
  • Can be laid to falls to help drainage
  • Anti-slip bakery floor in wet and dry working conditions


The right recipe

Flour, oils, baking soda, yeast, icing sugar and butter are the key ingredients used within a bakery – these if spilled on the floor can be highly slippery underfoot. To adhere to stringent Health and Safety standards and avoid injuries at work, it is vital to have a suitable floor. Bakeries need a floor to be slip resistant in both wet and dry conditions. Ideal in bakeries, Polyurethane RT and hygienic floor screeds offer the maximum anti slip properties give bakers total confidence in their workplace.


bakery flooring


It’s HOT in the kitchen

Commercial ovens give off a lot of heat with mass baking, so your bakery floor could be subject to extremes of heat. It is vital that any chosen floor must be thermal shock resistant, especially near the ovens. Able to withstand direct temperatures up to 120 degrees or up 130 degrees at 12mm, Polyurethane screed floors are very durable and offer excellent thermal protection.



Clean and easy

In order to kill any harmful bacteria without affecting the integrity of the resin floor is a must.  Polyurethane RT and HR resin can be steam cleaned up to 120 degrees. Also resin screeds are seamless making them very hygienic for bakeries where cleanliness and hygiene levels are very high.



Fit for the Job

With supersized equipment, extremes of heat and constant cleaning, the bakery environment can be a harsh environment and hence any chosen floor needs to be hardwearing. Exceptionally hard wearing and able to withstand the hardest physical abrasions Polyurethane resin is perfect for the job as its robust and designed to withstand heavy loads that give great protection against high abrasion and impact.

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