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Anti-slip resin flooring at PSC Flooring Ltd is the ideal floor resin to have if your work environment involves moving people or vehicles. Our poured resin flooring creates anti-slip resin surfaces that are safe to work with. Therefore, decreasing the risk of falls and injuries. Slip resistant flooring is simple to install for our experts. In addition, it provides seamless and safe interior resin surfaces that increases the level of safety in the workplace. Not only does our anti-slip resin flooring increase safety, it also provides an attractive finish.

Resin Flooring Safety

Health and Safety is an essential factor to consider within the workplace. Every company needs to comply with health and safety legislations. So, it makes sense for a business to do everything they can to safeguard the workplace to prevent accidents. Anti-slip flooring and interior resin surfaces helps to reduce the risk of slips, trips and other accidents within the workplace. Additionally, eliminating the growing concern of health and safety faced by companies in every industry. Non-slip industrial flooring will not only increase safety but also productivity due to its seamless, durable design.

Quality Flooring Guaranteed

Anti-slip flooring is something we do very well at PSC Flooring. In addition, its’ properties can be incorporated into our resin floor coatings, resin screeds and chemical resistant floors. We only deliver quality and always offer competitive prices. Therefore, our floor resin surfaces an extremely cost effective solution within industrial spaces.

Safeguard Your Workplace

Anti-slip flooring is typically used where hardwearing durable surfaces are required. To be able to withstand heavy and continuous traffic or where substances or liquids are regularly spilled or present. This is due to its oil stains and water resistance and ease of maintenance. Applying non-slip resin flooring to your industrial workspace is the obvious choice for increased safety and manageability. Not to mention it offers you value for money as it will last years longer than many other flooring systems.

With the number of work claims increasing and the cost to the business for work missed due to injury are high, having the right flooring systems in place is the only answer. PSC’s anti-slip resin floors offer a solution to everyone, no matter the budget or the finish.

PSC Flooring For Anti-Slip Resin Flooring

Leading industrial flooring contractors is committed to making your workplace safer. Therefore, we will work with you to find the right epoxy flooring system for your business. Our highly experienced team of experts will ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. Whether you need decorative resin flooring or something plain, simple and functional. All of our slip resistant epoxy floors and coatings can be installed to your exact requirements.

If you are interesting in our anti-slip flooring systems or have a question about any of our products please call 01562 702047. Or, visit our website at anti slip resin flooring.

For high quality and durable anti-slip flooring and anti-slip surfaces, choose PSC Flooring Ltd

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