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PSC is proud to be one of the country’s leading industrial flooring contractors. With 30 years’ experience in the industrial sector, specialising in commercial food grade flooring, we recognise that health and safety and hygiene are of the utmost importance to our clients. In food handling and processing environments, hygienic resin flooring is the perfect solution to reducing the risk of contamination spread, given that surfaces can be easily cleaned and maintained.


Durable, smooth, slip resistant..

Commercial food grade flooring has a durable, smooth, slip resistant finish capable of withstanding high levels of disinfectant during the cleaning process, without erosion over time.  Unlike it’s counterparts, our food grade flooring is laid seam free and does not contain any cracks or joints which could result in the build-up of dirt and bacteria over time.  Moreover, the risk of joints lifting and separating resulting in trip hazards is further avoided given the seam free finish.

Why use PSC Flooring Commercial Food Grade Flooring?

Our professional team can advise the most suitable food grade factory flooring for your business.  We will remove the current flooring; clean and prepare the surface by shot-blasting and diamond grinding where necessary and carry essential repairs to expansion joints and the base concrete, removing all debris.  In preparation for the final resin screed, epoxy primer is applied, with expansion joints infilled.


Cost effective..

Our cost effective commercial food grade flooring will enable businesses to adhere to food health and safety standards whilst providing a visually pleasing, comfortable, clean and safe environment for employees to work. Where cleanliness is of paramount importance, it is imperative that health and safety standards are adhered to, protecting both your employees, customers and business interests.


High quality

Our products are of high quality and competitively priced, delivered by an experienced, professional team offering excellent customer service. We build ongoing relationships with many of our clients who return to us as they expand and grow, safe in the knowledge that they can expect to receive value for money, high quality commercial food grade flooring, on time and within budget


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