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BB Price Ltd of Halesowen, West Midlands called in PSC to look at installing a 420 square metre trucking gangway in their forge. BB Price Limited, a family-owned and operated business, are the UK’s principal manufacturer of galvanized forgings and presswork for the overhead line electricity and telegraphic industries.

Client Brief

At the site visit it was evident that the existing gangway floors were extremely old, worn and contaminated with oil. The client was looking for clear demarcation of the trucking gangways to improve health and safety. It was recommended that the existing failed 2 to 3mm of resin floor system be removed before a new nominal 6mm heavy duty RT polyurethane be laid with a 100mm wide edging line.

Preparation of floor surface

In order to remove the failed 2 to 3mm of resin floor system, the team used a captive scabbling ride on preparation machine. Once complete the floor was prepared using a heavy shotblast via a captive ride on shotblasting preparation machine to then remove all the dirt, grease and contaminants, and thoroughly clean and prepare concrete floor surface. The floor was then vacuumed clean to remove residues and dust and 10mm x 10mm saw cuts were made to the perimeter of floor area, around drains and where necessary to toe in and anchor screed.

420 square metres of 6mm heavy duty RT polyurethane screed

420 square metres of 6mm heavy duty RT polyurethane screed was laid in the clients chosen green. Once fully cured the expansion joints and day joints were mirrored through, and then filled using polyurethane jointing compound.

Circa 250 linear metres of Epoxy resin edging lines were then added to the trucking gangway. Masked out at 100mm wide and laid with Resdev Pumatect V high build epoxy resin in safety yellow.
The job was completed in just 5 working days.

PSC Flooring have worked wonders! We are delighted with transformation and how well the team have performed.
Mr. Julian Oldershaw

BB Price Ltd

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