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Severn Valley Railway – Vehicle Workshop Flooring

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PSC have built up relationships with building contractors. A repeat customer Walsh construction called in PSC to look at the Motive Power Department floor at the Severn Valley Railway, at their Bridgenorth station.

Client Brief and Recommendation

The 800 square metre space used for steam engine maintenance had a concrete floor that was understandably very dirty with 30 years of oil and grease contamination. The client was looking for an oil tolerant floor that would accommodate the busy steam engine workshop. We recommended one coat of Resdev OCS oil tolerant epoxy primer followed by two coats of Resdev Pumatect MT moisture tolerant high build epoxy resin.

Preparation of the Floor Surface

In order to remove the extensive build-up of oil, dirt and grease, failed floor paint and oil in preparation for the Resdev OCS oil tolerant epoxy primer the floor received a heavy shotblast via the totally enclosed 20D shotblasting machine. Once complete the floor received an additional diamond grinding using the triple headed diamond grinding machine and handheld 110v diamond grinder. The whole area was vacuumed clean and localised damaged concrete, holes and cracks were repaired using epoxy resin screed and polyurethane mortar.

800 Square Metres of MT (Moisture Tolerant) High Build Epoxy Resin

In order to prevent oil from leaching, the entire 800 square metre floor was given a coat of Resdev OCS oil tolerant epoxy primer. Once the primer was dry two coats of Resdev Pumatect MT moisture tolerant high build epoxy resin in clients chosen red gloss was laid.

“The new floor has totally transformed the old maintenance shed and the Severn Valley Railway will be glad they can return back to work on their beloved steam engines from Monday.”

James Evitts, Construction Director at Walsh Construction

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