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Williams F1 HQ – Commercial Flooring

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Having completed work previously at Williams F1 headquarters in Oxfordshire PSC flooring were delighted to be invited back to look at an additional 155 square metres corridor space.

Client Brief and Recommendation

Working with the ACS Partition Solutions Ltd The client explained that the main corridor links the main reception, to the offices, canteen and main factory area so is extremely busy with constant foot traffic. They were looking to match the corridor to the epoxy resin floor in the factory. Upon inspection the existing floor was ceramic tiles and in order to match the epoxy resin floor in the factory, PSC recommended a DPM primer with a 3mm epoxy resin self-smoothing screed.

Preparation of the floor surface

In order to clean and prepare existing ceramic tiles to take the 3mm epoxy resin screed they were lightly shotblasted to open up the pores of the main surface area. The edges and doorways to the corridor were detailed with totally enclosed handheld 110v diamond grinder. The area was then vacuumed clean to remove all residues and dust. The area was then given one scratch coat of DPM primer and a further scratch coat of epoxy resin.

155 square metres of 3mm epoxy resin screed

A nominal 3mm Resdev Pumaflow, epoxy resin self-smoothing screed, in gloss light grey, Ral 7035 was applied by hand trowel to the entire 155 square metres corridor space.
Finally, three 6mm x 3mm movement joints were then recut and infilled with matching polyurethane jointing compound to ensure that any movement in the subbase didn’t crack the final floor finish.
The new resin corridor floor was ready for staff of Williams F1 to return back to work within just one week.

“The main corridor is in constant use and the existing floor tiles required constant cleaning due to the dirt and grime that collected in the grout lines. The new 3mm epoxy resin screed not only matches the epoxy resin floor in the factory, continuing the modern look, but also will be much easier to keep clean and looking good. We couldn’t be happier with the work that PSC have done and wouldn’t hesitate to call them in to look at our next project.”

Liz Sloan, Director, ACS Partition Solutions Ltd

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