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Burckhardt Compression (UK) Ltd. – Engineering and Manufacturing Flooring

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Burckhardt Compression (UK) Ltd. are a compressor manufacturer based in Bicester.

PSC were called in to assess a 300 square metres production area. The existing floors already had resin coatings applied but due to a reallocation of the space the floor which had been down a number of years needed to be refinished to accommodate the new layout.

All the floors were heavily shot-blasted to remove the existing resin coatings and all areas were swept and vacuumed cleaned and all expansion joints were re-cut and repaired using epoxy mortar compound.

In order to prevent any rising damp two coats of Resdev pumaprine Damp Proof epoxy resin primer were applied to the total floor area before a 3mm SL epoxy resin screed, in mid grey was laid. The area was completed with safety red and blue demarcation to designate and differentiate the different machine areas.

Great work – we would be happy to recommend PSC Flooring.

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