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PSC Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Why Choose PSC’s Commercial Kitchen Flooring?

Safety, Hygiene, and Durability
Every commercial kitchen requires a floor that encapsulates safety and hygiene while offering robust durability. PSC’s commercial kitchen flooring solutions are meticulously crafted to ensure a safe, hygienic, and resilient environment. With challenges like spillages and constant heat, our floors rise to the occasion, every time.

Optimal Flooring Solutions for Every Need
Whether your establishment requires a 6mm or a 9mm thick floor, we’ve got you covered. Our heavy-duty polyurethane RT or HF screeds are not just tailored for endurance but are also designed for effortless maintenance and cleaning, ensuring your kitchen remains in pristine condition.

A Legacy of Trust and Excellence

Being premier commercial kitchen flooring contractors in the UK, our legacy is etched in trust, unparalleled quality, and an unwavering commitment to our clients. The numerous commercial kitchens we’ve partnered with stand testament to our expertise and dedication.

Entrust your commercial kitchen floor needs with PSC Flooring.

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