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Loughborough University – Commercial Flooring

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PSC Flooring were invited by Work Space Designs Ltd of Manchester who provide an integrated design and build solutions company, to look at a flooring job they had with Loughborough University – doing their new 1200 sq metre gymnasium. As a specialist commercial flooring contractor, PSC Flooring were recommended to Loughborough University to overcome a problem they had as the existing concrete slab was not flat enough to receive a special 18mm flexible matting for the new gym.

Client Brief and Recommendation

PSC Flooring recommended that the floor was prepared using the captive diamond grinding machine, one coat of MT epoxy resin primer with heavy quartz scatter before a nominal 10mm heavy duty cementitious screed was laid.

Commercial Flooring Contractor

Furthermore, in order to prepare the floor surface, remove the localised adhesive, and thoroughly clean the area, the team at PSC Flooring used a totally enclosed diamond grinding machine and handheld 110v diamond grinder. The localised areas of high spots which were noted in the floor level survey, were ground back to create a level floor.

The entire area was then vacuumed clean all residues and dust with 110v triple motor vacuum before repairs were made to localised damaged concrete, holes and cracks using resin screed and polyurethane mortar compound.

Due to the mezzanine stanchions, a 10mm high barrier foam was placed around each of the metal plates to protect them.

The flooring team at PSC flooring have done an excellent job for us at Loughborough University. The 1200 sqm area is now flat enough to receive the special 18mm flexible matting and the new gym will be ready for use very soon.

Work Space Designs Ltd

Nominal 10mm heavy duty Cementitious Screed to 1200 square metres

20 tonnes of Weber 4610 heavy duty cementitious screed to form a nominal 10mm, was then machine pumped to the entire 1200 square metres.

To complete the job one coat of KDR Epocoat MT moisture tolerant epoxy resin priming system, incorporating a heavy scatter of 0.7 to 1.2mm quartz aggregate was laid to the 1200 sqm area.

The job was completed in just 4 working days thanks to Mike Fagan and the team – an excellent job as always.

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