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Hodgehill – Food Grade Flooring

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Hodgehill Garden Centre is a family run Farm Shop, Garden Centre & Café in Kidderminster Worcestershire. As part of their expansion and refurbishment plans PSC were called in as experienced food grade flooring contractors to look at a 213 square metre area within their farm shop.

Client Brief & Recommendations

This area was to exclusively be used for the sale of fresh produce and as such the client was looking for a seamless hardwearing flooring option that could be kept clean and would meet Environmental Health standards. The existing floor was in good condition and as such PSC recommended that a 6mm heavy duty RT polyurethane screed.

Food Grade Flooring Contractors

In order to prepare the floor foe the RT screed the floor was given a heavy shot blast using a totally enclosed 20D shot blasting machine which is powered via a generator mounted on a lorry. The edge work was ground back with a totally enclosed handheld 110v diamond grinder and the whole area vacuumed clean to ensure all residue and dust were removed.
10mm x 10mm Saw cuts were then made to door thresholds, around drains and to perimeter of floor area and where necessary to toe in and anchor screed.

213 square meters of 6mm RT heavy duty polyurethane screed

A nominal 6mm heavy duty Resedv Pumadur RT polyurethane, in textured, matt finish in the clients chosen colourway was then hand trowelled onto the total floor area.
Once dry circa 60 linear metres of 6mm x 6mm channel was saw cut to mirror the existing expansion joints. They were then knocked out and in filled with matching polyurethane jointing compound. The work took just 4 days to complete including the joints.

“PSC have done an excellent job and great to work on this project with a local company right on our doorstep. The new food safe floor has completely transformed the space we are extremely pleased.”

Mr Ben Brookes - General Manager at Hodgehill Ltd

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