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Highland Outdoors Ltd – Warehouse Flooring

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Highland Outdoors Limited, specialising in providing sporting goods, called in PSC Flooring. A major outdoor clothing company is looking to expand into a 750 square metre unit in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, which will now serve as a warehouse.

Client Brief and Recommendation

The client was looking for a hard-wearing flooring surface that is suitable for Warehouse use so foot traffic and forklift use. During the site visit, we noted that the 750 square meters, housed in an older building, would benefit from a thorough cleaning and a moisture-tolerant high build epoxy resin flooring system to rejuvenate it.

Preparation of floor surface

In order to remove dirt and contaminants, and thoroughly clean and prepare the concrete floor surface, the floor was ground back using a captive double headed diamond grinding machine and a totally enclosed handheld 110v diamond grinder.

The floor was then vacuumed clean of all residues and dust with 110v triple motor vacuum and repairs were made to any localised damaged concrete, holes, cracks as required using resin filler.

750 Square Meters of Moisture-Tolerant High Build Epoxy Resin Flooring System

Two coats of KDR Epocoat moisture-tolerant high build epoxy resin were laid to the entire 750 square metres in the clients chosen colour – Slate.

The job was completed within just 3 days and the client is absolutely delighted with the transformation of the floor.

We are absolutely delighted with the warehouse space floor. In just 3 days the team from PSC Flooring have completely transformed the space.
Mr Anthony Doores

High Build Epoxy Resin

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