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Robert Miller Ltd – Food Grade Flooring

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Robert Miller Ltd fish processing plant in West Hanningfield, Essex. Robert Miller Limited fish supplies has supplied both fresh and frozen fish for over 30 years in and around Essex to restaurants and customers.

Called in to look at refurbishing floor area to Fish Processing Area totalling 53 square metres. The existing laytex, resin coats and localised failed floor screed was beyond repair, and so it was recommended that the area would benefit from complete refurbishment and laying a new nominal 6mm Resdev RT polyurethane screed.

The preparation process to remove the laytex, resin coats and localised failed floor screed, and thoroughly clean and prepare existing concrete floor surface was achieved using a handheld 110v PCD grinding machine and a handheld total enclosed 110v diamond grinding machine. The area was then vacuumed clean all residues.

6mm x 6mm saw cuts were made to the perimeter of floor area, door thresholds, around drains and gullies and where necessary to toe in and anchor the screed. A nominal 6mm heavy duty Resedv Pumadur RT polyurethane, textured, matt, in the clients Chelsea Blue was laid to the entire area.

The job was completed in just 2 days, split down into 1 day to prepare the floor and a further day to install the 6mm RT resin screed.

A complete transformation of a very busy area. The area is an integral part of the processing plant and hence is in constant use. The floor has gone beyond repair and hence required complete refurbishment. PSC have completely transformed the area, on budget and within the timescale we set.

Robert Miller Ltd

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