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EWH Moore Partnership – Food Grade Flooring

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PSC Flooring have recently completed 150 square meters of 4mm MD polyurethane screed, smooth matt, for EWH Moore Partnership, a major egg producing company production area in Crewe, Cheshire.

Client Brief & Recommendations

The existing resin floor had been down for a number of years and was badly worn and broken up in places. The client wanted a new, hard wearing, smooth, Matt resin screed ready for a major supermarket to complete a health and safety audit. PSC recommended a 4mm MD polyurethane screed as the client was looking for a smooth, Matt finish.

In Preparation

In preparation for the new polyurethane screed, the existing resin floor was ground back using a captive diamond grinding machine and saw cuts were made to the perimeter so the new screed could be laid up to the rest of the floor. The floor was vacuumed clean to remove dust and residue from the surface and localised repairs were made. A coat of polyurethane primer was laid.

150 square meters of 4mm MD polyurethane screed

Then the 4mm polyurethane screed was laid in a day to complete the project within the tight two-day window to ensure the floor was ready for the clients health and safety audit.

“The team at PSC flooring have worked exceptionally hard to ensure the new floor was laid without our time frame. The new floor looks great and we are pleased that it came in within budget and on time.”
Mrs Elizabeth Sumner - EWH Moore Partnership

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